You always wanted to know the secrets behind moroccan tajine ?

You’re in the right place !

Have you always dreamed of mastering the art of Moroccan tagine?

Stop looking around, you're in the right place !

Start by choosing your favorite type of tagine from our tempting selection: chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian.

Our cooking class begins with a morning pick-up from your accommodation. After a short scenic drive (less than 30 minutes) to the village where your culinary adventure will take place, everything will be perfectly prepared for you to get started: vegetables, meats, fish, herbs and spices.

Immerse yourself in the preparation: discover the secrets of the ingredients we use, the specific role of each spice, cooking times, and much more.

While your tagine simmers deliciously, learn how to concoct authentic Moroccan mint tea, which you will enjoy alongside delicious homemade treats.A well-deserved moment of relaxation!

When the delicious smell of your tagine tickles your nostrils, it will be the sign that it is ready to be enjoyed in all its splendor!

This cooking class is open to all levels, a most entertaining activity to share with friends and/or family!

Terms :
- The cooking class is available from 2 people only.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Moroccan culinary tradition and create memorable memories around an authentic tagine!

300DH/pp all included : transport way and back, ingredients for the tajine and water

Book now !

Authentic activity

Imagine an outdoor kitchen located in a beautiful garden in the hinterland.

Local products

You will learn step by step how to prepare the tastiest Amazigh famous meal ever.

Delicious meal

Eat it in a plate or try moroccan way straight in the dish using your fingers and bread 😉

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