Create your own trip !

We also create your stay according to your desires!

Let yourself be guided in organizing your Moroccan experience specially designed according to your particular preferences, needs and wishes.

1 - Total customization: Decide how many days you want to hike, how many yoga sessions you want to do and/or add other activities to discover in the region to perfect your Amazigh experience to your liking.

2 - Flexible itinerary: Tailor-made holidays offer maximum flexibility in terms of itineraries. You can adjust your plans based on your changing interests or unforeseen opportunities.

3 - Exclusive accommodation: Between mountain lodges, seaside villas or luxury Riads, we offer you the choice of staying in places that correspond to your vacation.

4 - Tailor-made activities: Choose activities based on your passions, whether outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, relaxation or gastronomic experiences, we work with quality providers to always help you discover Morocco outside beaten paths.

5 - Small group or solo travel: Tailored stays can be tailored to the preferences of individual travelers or small groups of friends or families, providing a more intimate and personalized experience.

6 - Authentic discovery: Authenticity is our watchword! We give you the opportunity to have authentic experiences, discover places less frequented by tourists and interact with locals in a more meaningful way.

Contact us to prepare your off-the-beaten-track trip to Morocco 🇲🇦


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Trip suitable to all levels. Around 5 hours hike but split with several breaks. We adapt our rhythm to your pace. Various type of paths.

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Price *




Group size **


Duration ***


* per person all included (Transport, lunch, water, guide)
** Special prices for groups from 5 people
*** We will adapt to your wishes and your pace.

  • What you need ?

    A good pair of shoes like trainers, comfortable clothing (we recommend to wear sleeves to protect against the sun and sometimes the cold during winter), sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, sunglasses and your water bottle.

  • What we provide ?

    Hiking poles, hats, yoga mats, water to fill up your water bottle.

  • When ?

    Trips scheduled every week, message us to book your spot !




Group size

When and for how long ?

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