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The Amazigh Culture

A traditionnal african ethnic

Berber or Amazigh (pronounce AMAZIR) is an ethnic group who is indigenous to North Africa, specifically Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and the Canary Islands. And to a lesser extent in Mauritania, northern Mali, and northern Niger.

Amazigh (plural: Imazighen) means freedom or free man in Tamazight.

Tamazight is a generic name for all of the Berber languages, which consist of many closely related varieties and dialects. Berber nations speak the Berber languages.
In Morocco the official language is Arabic, and the most spoken language is Darija, the Moroccan Arabic dialect.
But because the population is mostly from a Berber background there are five main Berber groups with their own proper Tamazight languages: Chleuh, Riffian, Sanhaja, Ghomara and Zayane.
In the Souss Massa, where Agadir is located, Amazigh people speak Chleuh, also called Tachelhit.
Most of the people living in this area are bilingual with Darija and Tachelhit.
Berber languages have their own alphabet called Tifinagh.

The Amazigh culture is really deep in Morocco as Imazighen people were the first on this land, way before all the colonization they had to endure.

Unfortunately a lot of it and especially the alphabetization of the language has been banned for many years due to the colonizers.